10 Whimsical Winter Wedding Ideas

As Frank Sinatra once said, “The weather outside is frightful”. And along with chills and hot chocolate, winter brings romance. The best way to fend off the cold weather is with your partner, whether it be snuggling next to or cozying up with one another. For some, the fight against the weather may even include tying the knot! If a winter wedding is on your mind, here are 10 whimsical wedding ideas to bring your magical day to life.

1. Christmas

For lovers of all things jolly, a Christmas themed-wedding would be the perfect way to begin your newlywed journey. Incorporate Christmas from the ceremony to the reception of your wedding with a red green color scheme, wreaths here and there, and a Christmas tree (or two!) near your arch.

2. Winter Wonderland

What would winter be without snow? Instead of waiting for it to snow on your wedding day, make it snow with a winter wonderland theme! Making use of white and greens, you can create the perfect winter-scape. Put white birch trees down the altar and place fake snow wherever possible for you and your guests to be “walking in a winter wonderland“.

3. All-White

An all-white wedding will bring a hint of elegance to the winter season. From table settings to flower arrangements, everything in the wedding will be a delicate white shade. To make sure everything is consistent, make sure the guests are aware of what shade of white is acceptable to wear.

4. Greenery

Winter is the perfect time to find the beauty in nature. Although the cold season is a time when we do not see much nature, you can still appreciate it with a greenery-themed wedding. By using greenery garlands, greenery table runners, and an abundance of leaves, your wedding can incorporate the beauty of our environment.

5. Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day wedding theme screams love. As Valentine’s Day occurs during the winter season, it is a perfect winter wedding idea! A Valentine’s Day wedding theme would be complete with shades of pink and red in decor and flower arrangements. Don’t forget to have an abundance of hearts spread around your ceremony and reception to complete the look.

6. Cabin/Lodge

A cabin wedding brings the best cozy-vibes for the winter season. Bring warmth and joy to your special day with a lodge setting. To really create the cabin feel, illuminate the space with lanterns and candles, along with the lighting the fireplace.

7. Icy

Along with snow, ice is another thing that comes to mind when thinking of winter. With shades of silver and blue, an icy wedding theme will keep all of your guests chilly. Use blue lighting along with your decor to create an “icy” illusion.

8. Royal Wedding

Even though it is getting darker outside, you can keep things light and bright with a royal wedding theme. Focus on whites and golds and whatever that comes to mind when you think of royalty with this theme. Decor could include crowns, scrolls, and anything that shouts elegance. An important part of this theme is your choice of venue. You may want to consider a historical mansion or a venue that resembles a castle. As soon as guests arrive, they will feel like they are attending a royal affair.

New Year’s

Celebrate the new year with love! A new year’s-themed wedding is a great way to bring in the new year with the love of your life. This theme, using a color scheme of gold, black and white, would bring the same joy as counting down the clock. To bring the entire theme together, use clocks as a part of your decor.

Starry Night

The best time for star gazing is the winter. When the nights are cold and long, the skies are as clear as ever. You can recreate a starry night for your wedding theme and feel like you and your mate are right underneath a night sky. Using black and silver as your colors, magic would be created for your special “night”.

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