As 2021 comes to a close, we are beginning to track trends that will be big for every 2022 wedding. Here is a list of the 2022 wedding trends that are a must-have for your wedding!

Micro Weddings 

As we are slowly coming back to life prior to the start of a global pandemic, there has been a surge in smaller, more intimate ceremonies which have gained the term “Micro Weddings”. Micro Weddings usually consist of a small guest list of around 25-40 guests and allow for the bride and groom to spend more time with all of those who are invited. We expect to see a spike in micro weddings for 2022 as they have remained popular for all of 2021. 

Minimalist Weddings 

Another trend we are tracking as it gained popularity all throughout 2021 is minimalist weddings. From the decor, all the way down to the cake, we are seeing a spike in brides and grooms going the minimalistic route. Slight incorporation of color, along with simple textures and greenery have become some of the most popular ways to make your big day look effortlessly simple. 

Outdoor Weddings

As expected due to the 2021 wedding season still facing covid restrictions, outdoor weddings will continue to be on the rise for 2022. Outdoor weddings not only allow for fewer restrictions and more space, but they also allow for a unique way to personalize your big day. Getting married behind a beautiful outdoor landscape allows you to opt for an environment that fits your personality and to shy away from traditions. 

Customized Neon Signs 

This is one of the biggest decor trends of 2021 and it is for sure going to make its way into 2022. Customized neon signs have become the centerpiece of wedding decor as they add that personal touch for your big day. These neon signs can be customized to the bride and groom’s liking and can be kept as a memorable piece from your big day. 

Honeymoon Locally 

With the unexpected restrictions for travel still being present, we have seen many couples celebrating their marriage by staying in the country. This is the perfect way to not only explore parts of the country you’ve never been to before but also to make a local spot a memorable place you can easily return to!

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