5 Creative Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be anything you want! Give your guests they best wedding favor they have ever seen. Theres no limits when creating your favors, get creative and fun with it!

Custom Hand Sanitizer 

These have become very popular wedding favors that are able to keep your guests safe and a favor they will really use! 

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Mini Plants

This is another great wedding favor to give out because it is a gift your guests could actually use! There are many different flowers to choose from. Get creative and find a flower that goes with your wedding theme! 

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Popcorn Boxes

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Nothing best this wedding snack after dancing all night! You can select a few different popcorn chooses and have your guests decide which one to grab on their way out!

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Mini Wine Bottle

No one is going to turn down a free bottle of wine! Gift your guests with the couple favorite choice of wine! With customized labels, of course.

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Mini Sunscreen

This wedding favor is very unique and will stand out to your guests. This is an ideal wedding favor for summer or destination weddings. 

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There are so many options to customize favors! For more ideas, check out bestpricefavors.com!

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