When To Book Your Vendors and Why

Planning a wedding is the most exciting part leading up to your special day! However, it could get very overwhelming because there is so much to plan! Before doing anything, your priority should be to begin booking your vendors. 


Once you decide on the venue you would like to have your wedding it is important to reserve your venue ASAP. Dates can easily book up from one or sometimes two years in advance. A years worth of brides from 2020 have postponed their weddings into 2021 or 2022, plus there are newly engaged couples are are hoping to book soon as possible too. Waiting to book your venue could result in not being able to host your wedding at on your desired day of the week or time of the year you would prefer to have it. 

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Your photographer is capturing your special night so that it can be cherished forever. It is important to research popular photographers in the area and look into their work to determine if they are the right fit for your wedding. Well know photographers book up very fast, this is should be one of the first things you complete when planning your wedding.
Music and Entertainment

An impressive band or DJ will be able to get your guest’s energy up and will leave the dance floor packed the whole night! It is important to understand the band or DJ’s type of music they are most familiar with and see which is best suited for your wedding. The demand for talented entertainment that is unique is important to keep in mind because this should be a priority to book very soon!

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Take this time to have fun booking your vendors, just keep in mind to prioritize. If you’re getting married in May or June, then you should consider booking very sooner, as you’re competing with proms and graduations around that time as well!

We also offer every vendor service that we just spoke about (plus many more!), so don’t forget to request a quote from us with all of your wedding day service needs!

Happy Planning!

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