2021 Wedding Trends to Know About!

Weekday Weddings

Going into 2021 vendors and venues may have restricted availability at this stage. Hosting your wedding on a weekday will allow the couple to celebrate their special day with their favorite vendors at their at their dream venue. Also, having a wedding on a weekday will likely come with cost benefits, and it will help businesses who were affected by the pandemic.

Assigned Seating

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Assigned seating not only is following the COVID-19 safety guidelines, it helps you decide where your friends and family in seating that will let the conversation flow easily throughout your wedding and maximize the fun they will have.  In addition, it lets you add more decor to the theme!

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a smaller and more intimate wedding with fewer than 50 guests. With the pandemic and certain COVID-19 restrictions, this has become a more popular type of wedding. It is a more personal and emotional experience for the bride and groom to enjoy with their close friends and family members. Also, allows you to get creative with the theme and create more personalized items. 

Unique Venues

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Want to have a wedding on a boat? Do it! Since the capacity has been shortened due to COVID-19 this opens up more adventurous ideas! With a smaller guest list you can are able to have your dream wedding at any destination! 

Individual Food 

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Caterers are starting for a more personalized and more sanitary way for food displays during events. Individual items are a contactless way to present drinks, food, and dessert throughout your event. Get creative with your plates to display a fun way for the guests to enjoy their food.

As a reminder, if you had to change your wedding date from 2020 to 2021, please make sure to check in with your venue and vendors to ensure everything is running smoothly and there is nothing else that needs to be done on your end. It always helps to follow up and keep in touch!

Happy Planning!

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