Your Guide To Fall 2020 Wedding Trends

Fall’s in full swing and we are going to share our favorite Fall 2020 wedding trends that we have seen this season. After being cooped up in our houses for the duration of spring and for some, the summer, we have seen an outburst of creativity! Weddings are changing in the best of ways for the Fall and we how unique and personal they are becoming.

Venues: Maybe capacity limitations aren’t so bad! Smaller and more intimate weddings have been wildly popular especially in the fall with the weather being so beautiful and having the turning leaves as a natural decoration. For some, this gives brides an advantage when it comes to not having to invite everyone you’ve known since preschool. These “micro weddings” allow for a more personal feel and less overall stress on your big day. 

Another beautiful trend is all of these outdoor tent weddings. We love the look of a big white tent with hanging lights throughout for a gorgeous venue at night. Lanterns and candles have been stealing the show for centerpieces.

Outdoor games and activities: With all of these outdoor weddings and the restrictions of being able to have dancefloors, games have been on every bride’s checklist. A few favorites we have seen are cornhole, tik tac toe, and a smores station! This will keep quests entertained and give your special day a trendy fall feel. 


Corona virus accessories: And of course we can’t forget about adhering to some safety guidelines, but make it cute! Hand out some fun masks for guests to take home. Hand sanitation stations paired with chalkboard signs, or mini personalized bottles are great. 

Flowers: In the flowers world we have been seeing so much natural green color to match these outdoor weddings. Whether your whole bouquet is green or there are touches, we have been seeing so much of it. We loved one of our brides centerepieces that was done with white roses and carnations mixed in with eucalyptus greenery!

Food & Drink: Up your food game by bringing in charcuterie boards for your guests. These boards are practically artwork, they are aesthetically pleasing, on-trend, and so tasty. You can even give every guest their own mini board to eliminate any sharing. For drinks we have been swooning over personalized cocktails. Pick our a signature drink that you and your signature other love and make it fun! Cider based cocktails and plenty of whiskey and bourbon are perfect for a crisp, fall day.

Cakes: We never knew cakes could have so much texture! Were ditching the traditional white cakes with various icing roses and moving onto a very artistic, rustic looking desserts. Bakeries are not afraid to add texture and warmth. We love the look of “naked” cakes with little icing and some natural elements of flowers and greenery.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration for your own wedding or future event. Some trends are changing while others seem to be timeless, and no matter when your wedding is, we’re sure you can incorporate some of these suggestions!

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