Let's Talk Dresses!

Your dress connects back to your personality, so make sure you feel the most comfortable and the most beautiful!

The more organized you are, the better! We understand that you want the perfect dress for not only yourself but for your bridesmaids. 

Brides should consider picking bridesmaids dresses sooner than later since a lot of the gowns are shipping from overseas and you want to ensure you have enough time. There are so many great resources online to get ideas and pricing.

If your wedding day is in the Summer, Spring, or Fall 2021, you should start to look at bridal gowns online to get a feel for what you want. After having a few styles in mind, try to set up an appointment at the bridal shop within the next few months. With many bridal shop’s physical locations temporarily being closed due to COVID-19, you want to make sure you get in as soon as you can!

Take into consideration location of the wedding, the season, and your wedding style/theme. Learn about the different necklines, waistlines, fabrics, and dress trains while you explore what style dresses you are interested in.

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