Thinking About Rescheduling?

We understand that the current situation can be stressful for you. There is no need to completely cancel your wedding altogether. Let us help you with rescheduling your event! 


In the meantime, here are some options to consider! 

  • Think of a new date later on in 2020 or 2021. Sometimes, it is best to have a few dates in mind so you have options. Check with your venue to see what’s available.

  • Reach out to your vendors to make sure they are available on those dates. Before officially settling on a new date, ask your vendors if they are available so they can make the needed changes to still be a part of your wedding day. Trust us, they still want to be a part of it!

  • Explore new color schemes and themes depending on the new season. If your summer wedding is now in fall or winter, you might want to rethink your colors if they’re specific!

  • Make your marriage legal prior to rescheduling the reception. If you have to reschedule way later in the year, or even next year, you can always legalize your marriage and then party it up with your family and friends later on as a married couple to celebrate!

  • Become familiar with the CDC guidelines. The circumstances around COVID-19 are always changing as more information becomes available; make sure you’re up to date with safety guidelines so you know when all of your family and friends can be together to celebrate.

We are here for you and committed to helping you in any way we can during this difficult time. Whether you are working on changing your date and need vendors, or just starting to plan your wedding, let us help! We can make this difficult time a little easier by looking ahead to better days!

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