You Won't Wine Over These Bridal Party Gifts!

You’ve chosen your girls/guys. Now, you know it is usually customary to give your bridal party gifts. You’re unsure of what to do. Who isn’t? There are so many different options out there.

Stop and Smell the Rosé!
No, not the flower.

I mean, you know, if that’s your wine of choice. Despite that, we think that giving your girls (and/or guys) wine themed bridal party gifts is something they’ll be thanking you for! We have compiled a list of five of our favorite wine-related products that you can give your bridal party as gifts!

1) Wine Cup

We love this stemless wine cup from Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique! Best of all, you can choose your cup color, and personalize it! As you can see, we got our wine cup in white with a gold Mrs. written on it, and it is stunning. This would be a perfect gift for your girls! This cup has vacuum sealed technology, meaning your wine will stay cold during the summer heat, or your coffee will stay warm during the cold.. yes, you can use this cup for hot and cold beverages! I’m sold.

2) Mini Wine Bottles

Chardon-heeey. For the after party (or before the party.. no judgments here!), these personalized mini wine bottles are sure to be something your bridal party will adore. Simply buy mini wine bottles of your choosing, and create personalized labels to stick on them. It’s that simple! These are also great as favors. Who wouldn’t like a tiny bottle of wine in their purse?

Photo from Pinterest

3) Wine Signs

I don’t know about you, but I love getting decor for my room or to put around the house! There are so many adorable Wine-related signs that I am sure speak the truth for a lot of people. Maybe a certain sign reminds you of a certain girl or guy in your bridal party. It’s super nice to customize your gifts and tailor them to each individual person. We have a large collection of wine related gifts right here in our online shop! Just place your order, and we’ll ship directly to you!

4) Cozy Socks

Everyone is going to be on their feet all day, and by time reception comes, those high-heeled shoes are most likely going to be resting under the table! Why not get your girls some comfy socks? These cute socks are inexpensive and very easy to find! Your girls and their feet will be thanking you!

Photo from DHGate

5) Koozies

So maybe this is not exactly for wine per se, but koozies definitely come in handy during those hot summer months when you’re hanging out in the backyard or at the beach. Custom koozies are very popular as gifts and favors. You can either make individual ones for your girls/guys or have a standard one to give to all of your guests. When they use it, they’ll always remember your big day!

Photo from Etsy

Let's Recap!

It’s time to wine down with this blog post (sorry, but wine puns are so fun). Clearly, there are a lot of options for fun wine-related gifts for your bridal party or even as favors! And, if you really want to stick with the wine theme, why not get all of these and make wine-baskets?

Most importantly, have fun with your bridal party gifts, and don’t stress! These people are obviously very special if they have been chosen to stand beside you on one of the biggest days of your life. They will be appreciative of anything you decide to get for them.

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