Aah… the Jersey Shore! The salt air, the beautiful beaches, the fun times, the carefree memories! All this and more surround your guests when they attend your Jersey Shore wedding. So what to give them as a small token of your appreciation? What favor should you bestow on your guests?

We all know we have gotten a wedding favor or two that we really did not want or use and so it got tossed to the wayside after a day, a week, or a month. So what do you do, if you want your wedding favor to be used and not thrown away? Here are 10 possibilities for a useful Jersey Shore Wedding favor.

Flip Flops

For both men and women to help them dance the night away. Especially if it is a beachy type of wedding this will be most appreciated and used and, they can take them home with them.

Courtesy of Etsy: Personalizedslippers

Signature Spices

Maybe it is your personalized BBQ rub, dry ingredients for your homemade dressing or your special blend of spices to mix with olive oil. Spices are the new way to spice up your favors.

Courtesy of Etsy: NMTMdesigns

Lottery Ticket

You got to be in it to win it! NJ Lottery is always a big deal. Lottery tickets are now being used as wedding favors. It is helpful if your wedding is on a Saturday night as the major lotteries get picked on that day of the week. Inexpensive and fun for each person attending your wedding. To add a bit of elegance put it in an envelope created by the printer of your wedding stationery.

Courtesy of Etsy : PoppyandErie

Beachy Candles

Have the joy of your wedding nuptials continue on with each guest in the form of a scented beach themed candle. They will have fond memories as they light up your candle and remember your magical evening.

Courtesy of Etsy: JJ4everFavors

Donation to your favorite New Jersey charity.

How can you go wrong. Make a donation to your favorite NJ charity like the Popcorn Zoo in your Newly-Wed name of Mr. and Mrs. !

Courtesy of Etsy: NochtaBoutique

Tomato Seeds

Nothing quite like a Jersey Tomato. Give them something to remember you by. Allow them to plant something that will grow just like your love.

Courtesy of Etsy: Millstonecrafted

Salt Water Taffy Candy

A bag of New Jersey Salt water taffy to allow the sweetness of your wedding to stay with your guests long after they leave.

Courtesy of Pexels.com Alteredsnaps

A Wawa Gift Certificate

A Gift Certificate to Wawa for a porkroll egg and cheese! Your guests will truly know Jersey and of course thank you for the treat the morning after!

Courtesy of Wawa

Rita’s Ices

Supply a gift certificate or have Rita’s as a parting gift on the way out of your wedding, either way it is a New Jersey Staple!

Courtesy of Rita’s

Jersey Mike’s

Either a sandwich to go at the end of the wedding or a gift certificate to Jersey Mike’s will enable your guests to continue on with the Jersey Theme after the wedding is over.

Regardless of what favor you chose to go with, I am sure your guests will have a wonderful time as they celebrate you on your special day!