Romantic Date Ideas To Keep Your Heart Warm This Winter

a couple doing ice skating
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Yes, the air is getting chilly and our noses are turning red. And the temperature is dropping, while everyone wants to stay in bed. Winter has approached us at full-speed and date ideas are in urgent need. But look no further! Below are several of the cutest winter date ideas!

Ice Skating

two women in ice skates sitting on lake
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Skate away from the cold and into the arms of your mate with an ice skating date!

Hot Chocolate

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Ditch the coffee and go on a hot chocolate date with your special someone! Hot chocolate is full of good-ness and warmth. Why not share its goodness with someone else?


couple skiing near the woods
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You’ll be surrounded with the snow, other skiers, and your soulmate! Skiing is a fun winter date idea that will keep you and your partner active. If both of you are first-time skiers, you could learn the art of skiing together! How cute would that be?

Road Trip

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A road trip is a nice (and warm!) way to spend quality time with someone you love.

Movie Marathon

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Stay-in and out of the cold with a movie-marathon-night. Pick a series of movies that you love and adore or one that you and your partner have never seen before and spend the entire night binging. Snuggle up with one another underneath the covers for maximum warmth!

Heated Igloo

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Cozy up with your loved one in a heated igloo complete with blanket! An intimate setting for a magical night with a great view!

Fire Pits

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Get fired up with your loved one. Snuggle up with your significant other and sip to your hearts content.

Carriage Ride

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On a horse-driven carriage is the perfect way to spend a winter day.

Wine Tasting

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A wine tasting is the perfect way to feel classy in the frosty weather of winter.

Cooking Class

couple having date while man cooking pasta on counter
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Whip up something warm for you and your partner with a cooking class.

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