Let's Talk Color Palettes

One of the first decisions to make when planning a wedding is ultimately one that will be incorporated in so many aspects of your day: COLORS! The color scheme that you choose typically ties together your flowers, your bridesmaids’ dresses, and your overall decor. It can be used on all of your stationary, from invitations to place cards, linens, from table clothes to napkins, and any other special touches you add to your day! Your color palette will guide so many of your decisions, so let’s talk about some current trends!  

Brighter colors – A big trend for 2022 is to move away from classic pastels and more muted tones and focus on bolder colors!

Greens & Neutrals – A classic wedding color that is stunning year-round, green remains one of the top wedding colors! Many brides love using white flowers and greenery to create a more neutral palette…and green is such a flattering color for your bridesmaids! 

Yellows – Coming in hot as one of the biggest wedding colors for 2022, adding shades of yellow creates a new and lively color palette. It is a great secondary color to add to your color scheme, and follows the bright color popular trend!

Monochromatic – With a monochromatic color palette, you can have fun playing with tones and varieties of the same color, creating an elegant, contemporary feel. You can always add a pop of color into this palette as an unexpected addition!

Whites with a pop of color – A classic, popular wedding look! Many brides choose to incorporate shades of white in more than just their dress, and add touches of colors throughout the other elements!

“Very Peri” – Pantone’s Color of 2022! This purple and blue tone is a perfect way to mix classic pastels and newer bright colors in your wedding. Pantone chose this color to represent imagination, joy, creativity, which makes it a special color to incorporate in your special day! 

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • What season are you getting married in? This is a big factor that helps you decide on a color scheme! 
  • What is your favorite color? If there is a shade that you love, why not revolve your special day around that?!
  • Your color palette should make sense and feel like you!! As such a big part of your day, the colors you chose should be a perfect representation of you!

Still can’t decide what colors to use? Check out The Knot’s Wedding Style Quiz or contact NJ Wedding Pros for help! 

Happy Planning!


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