Stay Up To Date With These 6 Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Special Day

Looking for ways to incorporate social media into your wedding? We’ve got you! Technology is constantly improving and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with especially when it comes to the latest wedding trends. Your guests will have so much fun with these tech-savvy details that will be sure to enhance your special day.

Live Streaming: Who would have thought live streaming would be such a prevalent thing, we have Covid to thank for that. This is a fantastic way to make sure that the guests who couldn’t make your wedding feel like they are apart of all the action.  We find Facebook live stream is the best hassle-free option being that all of your friends and relatives already on your friend-list and can access the live stream right from your posted link.

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Snap Chat Filters and Geotags: Snapchat is definitely one of the most popular apps out there. For those of you who don’t know, you are able to great your own geotag off of the snap chat website. Design a cute geotag with your wedding date, location, and new last name for your guests to post about. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to enjoy this feature, it’s very user friendly!

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Wedding Websites: if you want to ensure you’re keeping up with the trend, this is your answer! The ultimate convenience for your wedding is achieved through having your own wedding website. Now this doesn’t mean get rid of your traditional wedding invitations, keep those! A website is a perfect place where you can find whatever information your guests need to know about the big day ranging from directions to your venue, registry, updates on RSVPs, your love story, and so much more. An added bonus is that it’s your website and you’re able to add and customize whatever you want. Have a little fun with it to with your color scheme, adding photos, and even adding a countdown could be a fun way to create excitement.

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Hashtags: This one is a no brainer and so much fun to use throughout the entire planning process from sending our your invites with the hashtag incorporated all the way through the bachelor and bachelorettes parties, until your wedding day. If you’re having trouble on the creative side, try looking up ideas and bounce off of those, or there are wedding hashtag generators that come up with some great options.  Having a unique hashtag makes it so all your photos on instagram are grouped together making it a collective experience for all of your guests to see. The power of social media is truly incredible!


Photo Sharing: One of the best parts of a wedding are the gorgeous photos captured throughout the day. The anticipation of waiting for your photographer to upload the photos is probably just as bad as your guests, everyone wants to see! The best way to ensure everyone gets to take a peak is sharing your photos through a website of application. A great place to do that is though Dropbox or Google Photos. You can simply upload the photos and send out the link so that everyone to relive your wedding and continue to post photos from your day.

Photo Booths: But add a little spice! Digital photo booths are all of the rage making such a cute way for guests to remember and enjoy your wedding. The latest trend is a GIF-Photo booth that creates a couple second long moving video clip. This has been becoming a #1 on every brides list quickly and the best part is that you can opt to have the link sent to you and upload it straight to Instagram or your favorite social media account. Best of all? We offer these digital photo booths!

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Staying up to date with these social media and technology trends is your key to a day that none of your guests will forget. We have found these tips are practical for your organization and most important, fun! Keeping up with technology and social media at your wedding doesn’t mean there has to be robotic bartenders and strict online communication. It’s really all about reducing stress during your planning process and adding unique touches that will add so much personality to your day!

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