Your Perfect Wedding During a Pandemic

What do you do when the current COVID-19 pandemic forces you to cancel your wedding with your booked venue? You have a backyard (or outdoor) wedding!!! Several brides have made the difficult decision to postpone their weddings, creating such uncertainty for their future celebrations, but why not get married anyway — just in a different way! NJ Wedding Pros was able to recently be present at a beautiful backyard wedding, and we don’t think the day could have been more perfect, pandemic or not (check out some gorgeous photos below)! At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating your marriage with the people you love most. We are here to help make your day perfect, regardless of the circumstances, by helping you plan the most special backyard wedding! 

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning an outdoor wedding:

Tent Rentals: It is best to rent multiple tents for the day! This will keep guests out of the sun (or rain), while also giving you an option to decorate even more. I mean, look how perfect the tents look in the photos above decorated with lights and greenery!!

Flowers and Decor: Being outside, these two aspects will be the most important to create personal touches, or a theme if that’s what you’d like! Don’t just stop at flowers, add some special additions to the decor too, such as photos from throughout your relationship, family mementos, etc. NJ Wedding Pros is an expert at setting up gorgeous weddings and cannot wait to help make yours look picture perfect!

The Ceremony: While some churches may permit guests to view the ceremony, why not have it outdoors as well, so even more people can see you tie the knot?!? If that is the case, we recommend renting a beautiful arch for the alter! Not only does this create a special place for the bride and the groom to stand, but it acts as gorgeous decor (and a perfect photo spot!) to make your day more special! Check out some of the arches that NJ Wedding Pros rents (and some of our other rentals that will make a great addition to your day!). 

Entertainment: Maybe you don’t want a DJ for a backyard wedding, but how about a photo booth?! This is a great way for guests to capture special memories from your wedding, while also adding a fun touch to your one-of-a-kind day! NJ Wedding Pros has countless options to choose from

Work with your former venue: Not all venues may be willing to refund some of the money that has been put towards your wedding date. While that may be disappointing at first, make it something positive! Communicate with the venue and see how that money could be spent. Maybe they could provide the food and a caterer could come to your backyard! Perhaps a hotel could offer you a special room to stay in pre-honeymoon! Many places are understanding of these hectic times, so reach out to see how they might be willing to work with you!

Spread Love, Not Germs!: While hosting a wedding during a pandemic, health and safety should be a priority. Leave some hand sanitizer throughout the backyard for each guest to keep! Another cute, fun way to address this is by offering custom hand sanitizer as a favor to guests — check out some options we love on Pinterest . . . and look at that full bin of hand sanitizers for guests to take as they sign the guest book!

NJ Wedding Pros can help guide you through the best ways to plan a wedding during the current pandemic. The biggest challenges might be shortening the guest list and ensuring that local regulations are followed, but there is no reason you cannot still have some type of celebration! As we are heading into the fall season, there are so many beautiful ways to hold a wedding outside! Though your wedding might look different than you originally planned, with your closest loved ones surrounding you on your special day, it is sure to be perfect. We are here to help you navigate these new ways of wedding planning, and can’t wait to help make your wedding a day to remember for sure!

Happy Planning!

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