2021 Event Trends


The global pandemic has made everyone feel more grateful for the life they have. In 2021, event hosts are going to express their gratitude towards their friends and family on a larger scale and appreciate the time they are spending together. There will most likely be more treats and party favors that express how thankful they are to have them around them.

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Since there was a decrease in transportation and people’s normal daily activities, there has been an increase in air quality and Earth’s health. This has opened up a lot of people’s eyes and made them realize that they can do better by using products that could be re-used for other things and events. People are also starting to focus on buying products from sustainable suppliers, caterers, and venues. A great and easy way to start shopping sustainably is by buying a wedding dress from an eco-friendly and ethical bridal gown shop.

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Intimate Weddings

In 2021, people will seek more meaningful and intimate experiences with those who they love the most. In return, there will be a decrease in large, extravagant weddings and an increase in smaller intimate ones. This will allow couples to focus on appreciating those around them and having a great time with the people who mean the most to them.

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Color Trends

The color scheme trends revolve around a lot of natural tones such as sage, terracotta, blush, and more. These colors allow your wedding to have more of a comfort-feel to it. These colors are already pretty popular but with the need for an intimate feel, there will be an increase in popularity with these in 2021.

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