2020 Wedding Trends

We are in a whole new decade, so that means a whole new set of wedding trends! As you start your wedding planning don’t forget to think of all the hottest trends that can help make your wedding special or even add your own personal touch on a trend. Color schemes, hairstyles, and decor are some of the important pieces of your wedding and here are some trends that you can incorporate into your wedding!

When thinking of your perfect hairstyle think simple with a little bling! Curled hair with an elegant diamond or pearl barrette will help keep your hair in place and still give you style. 

Don’t be afraid to add some green to your wedding! Green is the color of life and represents growth and harmony. This color scheme will help your wedding pop and give your wedding a more natural and calm environment. 

Want to have more photos of your loved ones? Get a Polaroid camera so they can take silly, posed, or random photos! This is a fun way to have more personal photos for you and your guests to remember!

Simplicity is key for some people. Since your guests will be on the dance floor all night, having communal tables with simple but stylish centerpieces will be much easier to have instead of 10+ tables all over the room. 

Not a simple person? Then definitely go big at your wedding! Having some statement decor will for sure stand out and make the perfect backdrop to take pictures.

We can help you make your dream wedding come true with any trend you want to include! Schedule a consultation with us today!

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