Winter Wonderland Wedding Trends

Winter can be the most magical time to have a wedding. Don’t let the cold stop you from having one the greatest days of your life! Snow in the background can capture the best pictures, the dark colors can make your wedding pop, and the cold is the perfect excuse to cuddle up closer to your forever. 

Fresh snow is a picture perfect moment you can share with your soul mate. Taking pictures outside is an ideal way for you to snuggle up next to them and create one of most magical pictures you will ever take. Check out our photography packages!

Make your ceremony sparkle with some white string lights to decorate throughout the venue. These lights will  give your wedding a warm and cozy feeling on that cold winter day. 

Dark colors are not always a dull and gloomy way to incorporate into your wedding. Colors like this maroon is a great way to include in your color scheme to make your wedding more warm and cheerful in your winter wedding. 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some beachy decorations this winter! There may be snow on the ground but that shouldn’t stop you from having a beach wedding without the heat. 

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