Fall 2019 Wedding Trends

Fall is on its way and if you are getting married during that time there are some trends that you might want to know about! With the use of the colorful leaves outside and the special fall flavors, you can have the fancy wedding that you have always dreamed of! These are just some of the different trends of Fall Weddings and I hope you like them.

Fall Wedding Color Trends 

The color palette for fall weddings include many colors like the ones that the leaves change into. Some basic colors include burgundy, brown, red, orange, yellow. They could also include fancy colors like amber, sage, copper, plum, coral and many more. There’s plenty to choose from, and they all would look amazing. These colors are what make a Fall Wedding a Fall Wedding!

Fall Wedding Cake Trends

A huge reason for this trend would be because of the fancy leaves you could decorate your cake with. Some cakes include:

  • white wedding cake with orange dahlias
  • Chocolate wedding cake with ganache and roses.  
  • Wedding cake with the Fall Colored Fondant Maple Leaves (image to the left)

The flowers and leaves give the fall wedding a unique feel to them. 

Fall Wedding Food Trends

When you think of fall you think of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, apple pies and much more so why not have that at your wedding. Fall Food trends include an assortment of menu items and this can be one of them! It could include a mini grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato bisque shooter, saucy red meat or cream based chicken, candied carrots, some apple cider, and to top it off a pecan pie. Now that sounds like a Fall Wedding!

If you are having a Fall Wedding be sure to include these elements and you won’t regret it! These unique elements give a Fall Wedding a special feel to them, which makes them even more memorable. These trends will leave everyone including you and the guests happy and amazed!

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