The More The Better!

Who says weddings have to be small and simple? Weddings are about having fun and celebrating it no matter what your style is like. Enjoy your day your way, even it is with lots and lots of details! 

Rolling up in a horse and carriage to your wedding will have you feeling like a princess who just found her prince charming! 

Another trend in big weddings is having your venue at an older charming mansion. Your guests will be wowed with all of the old and enchanting details the place as to offer!

Don’t be afraid to be a little extra at your wedding! Doves in weddings represent happiness and ever-lasting love and that is what you and your new life partner are celebrating for!

Really surprise your family and friends with you and bridal party showing them dance moves they didn’t know you had!

Feather Centerpiece

Have your guests still in awe when they sit down at their table with centerpieces that they will want to take home with them!

Celebrate your wedding the biggest and vivacious ways possible!

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