Adding COLOR to Your Wedding

Sure, you want your wedding dress to be white; but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any color on your big day! Why have white or ivory shoes when you could add a pop of color to your feet?!? And why hold a bouquet of neutral flowers when you could walk down the aisle carrying a bunch of bright flowers?!? 


According to the fashion police, white matches anything. It’s your wedding day, so there are no rules for you to follow! Who says you can’t show off your favorite color on your heels? No one! Not only does adding color to your white wardrobe allow you to be more creative and show off your unique style, but the color will stand out against your white dress, making for a FUN look! 

Check out these vibrant shoes!
Did you know: we sell Angela Nuran shoes that can be dyed ANY color!

How about these radiant bouquets?!?
Did you ALSO know: We can customize your bouquet to make sure all the colors are perfect!

Don’t be afraid to add color to your wedding! There’s no reason your entire wardrobe should be the traditional white (but hey, if that’s what you want – then go for it)! After all, your wedding is all about you! Let your unique personality shine through! 


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