Imagine this: you have come to realize that you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s a LONG time, right? Your heart might start racing, consumed with the thoughts of how you are going to pull a proposal off. Most importantly, will she say yes?

A few weeks ago, we received an e-mail from Christopher, who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Saturday, November 11th. Christopher really wanted to make his proposal one his girlfriend (and, hopefully, soon-to-be fiancé) would never, ever forget. We were SO excited to be chosen to be in on this very special moment!

Christopher was interested in our Proposal Package, which includes prep time with a professional planner (us!), professional photos or video as it happens, a bouquet of flowers, and 2 bags of rose petals. Trying to coordinate everything, while keeping it a secret from Christopher’s soon-to-be fiancé, kept us on our toes and made us so excited and happy to see the outcome. Our wonderful photographer, Jonathan, was available to take photos for our couple as the proposal happened.

Here’s how the proposal went down…


The proposal was going to happen at Bayside Park Swamp Cove in Mantoloking, NJ. Our photographer, Jonathan, arrived around 4PM, ready to go. The flowers and rose petals were delivered shortly after. Christopher planned on arriving by 4:15, waiting until the sun set at about 4:45PM to make his move. Our beautiful couple sat on a bench in serenity, watching the day fade into night, as Jonathan pretended to be taking photographs of the sky, waiting for the BIG moment to arrive!

Soon enough, Christopher got down on one knee, and asked one of the most important questions of his life:

I wonder how Christopher was feeling in that moment, on one knee, looking up at the love of his life… did time stand still? Was everything spinning around him? Was he cool as a cucumber? Whatever he was feeling in that moment, he had nothing to worry about, as the smile on her face says it all.. SHE SAID YES!


 We love how everything leading up to the proposal, and the actual moment, was captured, giving our beautiful couple photographs that they can cherish forever! Our Proposal Package allowed for Christopher to have memories that were captured forever, able to live in that moment over and over again. We are sure that their family and friends also enjoyed getting to see how their beautiful proposal happened.


After the proposal, she was given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

If you are planning on proposing soon, check out our Proposal Package! We would love to help you plan one of the most important days of your life. We know you might be nervous, and that’s completely normal…but let us take some stress away!

Included in our Proposal Package:

• Prep time with a professional planner

• Professional photos or video as it happens

• A bouquet of her favorite flowers
• 2 bags of rose petals

Want to customize your package? We can do that too!

Add-ons include a Limo, Beauty & Spa package, Champagne and Specialty sweets, a Full Day Video Edit and Decor to make this moment one she will never forget!

May You Live (And Love) Happily Ever After!


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