The holidays are right around the corner, which means time with your loved ones and PROPOSAL SEASON!! Every girl is eyeing that dazzling diamond ring she saw months ago online and in the jewelry store! She obviously hopes you noticed and have an extravagant plan in mind. Yes, the ring is important and signifies your promise to her. But, the proposal itself is the moment she will never forget… the proposal is what we share to friends, family and social media. It is the proposal stories we hear about that truly make the most impact on us! So why not be that awesome guy who creates this amazing impact?!?

The best part is you don’t have to do it alone! We are here to help you plan your perfect proposal story! Proposals are meant to be creative and fit who you are as a couple, so we can help you with all the details.

We can book you a professional photographer or cinematographer, who will meet with you to create a plan. They can capture this candid moment as it happens, so you can keep these memories forever. We can also throw in a bouquet of her favorite flowers and two bags of rose petals to set the scene. We call this our proposal package and it is as easy as telling me when and where!

Want to really WOW her? We designed some special add-ons that you can also book with us! We can get you a limo to take you to and from your destination. We could also book your fiance-to-be a Beauty or Spa Package for the week of the proposal. The beauty package includes a manicure, so she can show off that beautiful ring on her finger and have her nails look just as good. The spa package includes a massage, so she can feel relaxed and pampered! You can also keep it simple by adding on specialty sweets like chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

When it comes down to it, we are here get you anything you need to make this day perfect! Let us help you plan a proposal that will GUARANTEED to take her breath away! Be that amazing man and contact us today for more information!

Let’s face it shes been dreaming of this day forever…. SO why not go above and beyond.

Email us at or call (732) 747-0900 and let’s get started!

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