Butterfly & Dove Releases

Butterfly and dove releases represent a beautiful new beginning! Releasing these magical creatures on your wedding day will be a moment you will never forget.

Butterfly Release

One dozen Monarch butterflies are hand-picked at our sanctuary on your special day and brought in a mass release box. Don’t worry, these little guys are handled with care and can breathe through holes in the release box. You decide who opens the box and then watch as these beauties flutter about, also making for great photo ops.

Butterfly Releases Starting at only $179!

A delivery charge will be added. Pick-ups are available at no extra cost.

Dove Release

Two doves in a white cage are hand delivered to the couple to be released during or after the ceremony by a professional attendant. This is a moment that symbolizes a new beginning.

Dove releases starting at only $249!

Delivery will be additional.