If you turn on the radio right now, you’re bound to hear a love song playing on one of the stations. Do you ever wonder who these love songs are about? Better yet, who comes to mind when you hear a love song? You thought of someone, didn’t you? Eventually, we allRead More
It has been said that a home is not a place, it’s a person. When you decide to marry your best friend, you find your home. This is why we love showcasing our couples by telling their stories, and inspiring all of you who are planning your own wedding. OnRead More
For most of us, finding that one person who is “our person” — the one who we can spend the rest of our life with, forever and always, through the good and bad — is something that we think about from when we are young. We love how two peopleRead More
“You are my today and all of my tomorrows.” We are so excited to feature our first wedding of 2018, Margaret and TJ! Their ceremony was held on February 18th, 2018 at First Presbyterian Church, followed by their reception at the Buttonwood Manor in Matawan, New Jersey. Margaret and TJRead More
How did you decide on your wedding date? Setting a date can be tricky. Of course, the most popular wedding months are June through November, but don’t overlook those winter months! December weddings are absolutely elegant and gorgeous. While some couples prefer to get married in the warmer months, winterRead More
Summer and spring weddings seem to be the most popular, but winter weddings are just as gorgeous. Sometimes, there’s nothing more romantic than a blanket of snow. The snowy backdrop of the Jersey Shore provided an extra element of magic as Brittany and Bobby sealed their lifelong commitment to eachRead More

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