It’s your wedding day and your father-daughter dance is approaching!


The love between a father & daughter is indescribable.

And this special moment symbolizes the father’s blessings, happiness and wish of good health to the bride & groom.

We have some helpful hints for performing the BEST father-daughter dance at your wedding!

Pick A Song Together!

Make sure the song reflects both of your personalities and showcases your relationship. You father will be honored to make this decision with you.


Many father-daughter duos attend classes to learn their dance and some create a simple one, two step. Either way, take the time to learn the choreography. Practice makes perfect and it helps gain confidence needed to WOW your guest.

Cherish the Moment!

This is such a special moment for you and your father. Although, many moments like this can be emotional and create tears, it’s also a moment where you can hug and laugh too.

….Which song are you two going to pick?!

It’s always hard trying to find the perfect song. But we are here to help! Although the song should reflect you and your father’s relationship, this list can help get your ideas flowing. Remember, you can choose one song or multiple songs and create a fun routine to them!

1. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
2. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
3. My Girl – Temptations
4. What A Wonderful Night – Louis Armstrong
5. I Turn to You- Christina Aguilera 6. You are so beautiful – Joe Cocker


As a daughter, we should acknowledge their guidance and advice throughout the years.

Dads are our first love and they will forever hold our hearts!


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